Troika! Third Party Licencing

Anyone may publish free or commercial material based upon, and/or declaring compatibility with, "Troika!" without express written permission from the publisher, the Melsonain Arts Council, as long as they adhere to the following terms:

  1. In your legal text and on any websites from which it is sold you must state the following: "[product name] is an independent production by [publisher name] and is not affiliated with the Melsonian Arts Council".
  2. The Melsonian Arts Council takes no responsibility for any legal claims against your product.
  3. The ideas of "Troika!" may be reused, but the exact expression and phrasing of significant passages of text must be distinct. 
  4. Art may not be reused—all artists maintain copyright of their work.
  5. The Melsonian arts council must be sent a copy of all commercial third party publications in every format they are published in.

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